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Your Trusted Financial Advisor

In financial services since 1989, I specialize in financial strategies for business owners and working families. Services include creating a Financial Road Map®, retirement plans, tax-savings strategies, life and disability insurance, savings plans, debt repayments.

I grew up in New York City.  My parents are immigrants from the Dominican Republic and arrived in New York in the mid-sixties.  I'm the oldest of three children and my siblings still live in New York.  Growing up, my family did not have much money, but my parents always made education an important part of everyday life.

After maneuvering through the New York City public school system (which was no small feat in the New York of the seventies and early eighties), I received an Ivy League education at Columbia University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering.  My first jobs after college were as a business and information systems consultant with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and as a systems developer with Ernst & Young.

I decided that an advanced degree would be beneficial to my career and I enrolled at the Stern School of Business at NYU.  I received a full-tuition scholarship and graduated with an MBA with a concentration in international finance and economics.

After NYU, I worked as a Wall Street investment banker at Citigroup for 14 years.  My work took me across the globe, transacting deals in such counties as England, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan as well as countries in South America and locations throughout the U.S.

I have two beautiful children, named Manny and Maia.  Manny loves martial arts, plays the trumpet and is absolutely infatuated with anything related to Star Wars.  Maia loves to sing in her school choir, also loves martial arts, and will one day rule the world.

I have built a successful financial services practice over the last 31 years.  Since 2009, I have focused my practice on helping business owners and working families in the areas of financial organization, full protection of their balance sheets, world-class savings, debt and tax management, and efficient wealth management.  I am the founder and owner of Copa Wealth Strategies, LLC.

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